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Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland

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Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland

Slí An Chroí

Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland

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Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland

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Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland

Slí An Chroí

Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland

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Slí An Chroí Gatherings Abroad


Since 2005, we have endeavoured to bring the indigenous Irish shamanic tradition to communities in other countries. As we have been personally enriched by working with shamans from many cultures, we annually reciprocate that blessing by offering gatherings for personal and global healing abroad. Our aim is to simultaneously honour our own tradition by allowing it to speak to others beyond our shores and to facilitate people and their practice who are called to the Irish Pre-Celtic/Celtic medicine ways. Naturally our work draws many of our diaspora and their descendants, however they also attract people whose bloodlines are not rooted in Ireland. We are honoured by the presence of all who come to the cauldron, irrespective of nationality, culture and family history. We are dedicated to opening the doors of our tradition on foreign soil and ultimately allowing the resonance of our Irish medicine bring a new wholeness to all who participate. Naturally, all shamanic traditions bring us to the same Source of eternal energies and the Irish Pre-Celtic/Celtic road to our Source brings to many in other countries a strong, veritable sense of "homecoming".


We are very pleased to have received over the years invitations from hosts who have experienced for themselves the beauty and effectiveness of our tradition. They have called us to their countries and communities from a compassionate vision that others will benefit equally. We are always open to approach from new people who wish to step forward to invite us and we accept in a spirit of co-operation, reciprocity and professionalism. We look forward to returning to the people and locations you will read about below and if you, upon reading our website and/or prior experience of working with us, are called to invite us or talk about the possibility of same, we are honoured by you contacting us.


These gatherings are uniquely structured for the time, people and place for which they are intended. Ancient ritual is supported by healing techniques created by us, to maximise authentic immersion in the Irish Pre-Celtic/Celtic tradition and for personal growth for those in a contemporary, non-Irish culture. A Slí An Chroí gathering will always be developed and offered in a spirit of permission from the Earth and the indigenous keepers of the lands to which we travel. At the heart of all gatherings is healing Ancestral ritual and ceremony, work we regard as a core value everytime people meet in shamanic circle. This has an added poignancy for those of our diaspora or their descendants, many of the latter who left Ireland with deep pain of separation.


As an Irish married couple having the freedom to openly give ourselves personally and professionally to our indigenous shamanic tradition and to have not been met with the compulsion to permanently emigrate, we are deeply aware of our privilege to bring native healing medicine to those who have emigrated and their descendents. We all acknowledge that many of the limiting behaviours and self-sabotaging responses we carry, have their roots in Ancestral wounds. Our gatherings are also wildly celebratory in the Irish tradition, knowing as we do that when you dance and sing, "you pray twice at the same time". Our Bardic roots, meaning storytelling and poetry, are a natural part of how we teach and honour our great mythological heritage. The earliest Ancestors of all peoples were nomadic and for us to travel with our work to lands abroad brings forth from us an easy, firm enthusiasm. One which we relish.


Peru 2013
Immrama Into Andean Medicine and Mysticism:
The Inca - Celtic Symmetry
August 3rd-August 19th


Villagers Of Quico (Q'ero Village) Accept The Gift Of The Irish Flag



Ár chairde, dear friends,
thank you to many of you for your patience in waiting for confirmation of the itinerary and logistics of the Slí An Chroí Immrama to Peru in August 2013. We also want to express our deep joy at being able to present this opportunity to connect with this tremendously significant shamanic lineage. Many of you will be aware of the cause of delay in sharing this information. For those who are not, we invested extra time with our partners on the ground in Peru to source logistics that were least costly with no reduction in quality. Putting together an itinerary such as this requires organisation that is sensitive and supportive of the spiritual motivation behind the journey. It also requires finding a company that has contacts and permission from indigenous groups to lead into their territory and to work with the medicine men and women from those communities.Carlos Gibaja Tapia and his brothers are dedicated to honouring their native shamanism and they support a children’s orphanage and food growing programmes through their income from facilitating journeys such as ours. Indeed, the name of their charity is “Path Of The Heart”, a coincidence for us at Slí An Chroí that signalled we had found a true connection! We are very satisfied that the cost estimates for our journey from Carlos are most competitive for our ambitious itinerary.


We have explored the routes and sites thrice previously in 2005, 2009 and 2011, giving us the experience to deliver a personal shamanic journey that allows for safest and deepest immersion into the energies of this magnetic land and lineage. In the Spirit of celebrating the parallels of the Irish and Incan traditions, alongside us will walk native medicine men and women. Ceremonies will be led by them and John and Karen. Our journey contains aspects not normally part of a single shamanic expedition, e.g. visiting the great sites and energy portals of Sacred Valley, (including naturally, Machu Picchu), the trek and camping to the great holy mountain Apu Ausagate, traditional site of initiation for the Q’ero Indian shamans and finally, travelling south to the birthplace of Incan mysticism, Lake Titicaca. We are deeply motivated to bring students, family and friends an incomparable experience to inspire Spiritual connection and vision.

Why make a spiritual quest to Peru at this time? The Q’ero and other indigenous tribes that informed the Inca tradition hold a tremendous awareness of Sacred Time. Like the Mayan and Hopi cultures, they talk of a “shift in the fabric of Time”. This is their perspective on what has become known in the West as the “2012” phenomenon. The Inca referred to this as the “Time of PachaKuti”, literally an end/renewal to Time as we know it. They understood Sacred Time as being presented by the Universe in blocks of roughly 1,000 chronological years. The first half of this “block” was a time of light, (this coincides with the emergence of the Inca (from “Enka”, meaning “Energy”) Empire. The second half of the “block” was a time of darkness, just like the day is divided between light and dark. The darkness was heralded by the Spanish invasion and the destruction of material aspects of the Incan Empire. This darkness has informed humanity for the remaining 500 years of the “block” of Time. It comes to an end/renewal at the time of PachaKuti and brings with it shifts and upheavals including those currently experienced here at home. The 2012 Phenomenon-Time Of PachaKuti has its epicentre on that year, but its unfolding manifestation of a new era will be active for many years to come and invites us all who are metaphysically aware, to boldly seek understanding and alignment with this reality.


Making our Spiritual journey to Peru allows us to bring our native medicine, interweave it with the Incan through connection with the landscape, sacred sites and indigenous healers and “turn up” in the most powerful way we can for this realignment of Time. An alignment that will have immense personal, global, physical and Spiritual impact. If the Hopi calling is correct, that “we are who we have been waiting for”, then we honour that calling in the unique way of those who carry shamanic power and wisdom by making vital vision quests such as this one to Peru. We look forward to walking with you throughout this voyage of and into, the Spiritual Heart.


Here are the words of Carlos Gibaja Tapia and his view of the odyssey we have asked him to help us organise for you :
“ I introduce this journey where we will show you all the sacred sides with the strongest energy (Huacas), where our ancestors found the way to connect with the pure Energy, God, Mother Earth and the Eternity. The goal of this journey is help participants to find their inside peace so they can be able to recognize their own being and then remember all the knowledge that has been lost generation by generation in disconnection with God. In this journey we will have sacred ceremonies which will help us to connect with the main four elements; Grandfather Fire (Wilka Nina), the Mother Earth (PachaMama), the Air (Apus) and the Sacred Water (Wilka Unu). After preparing ourselves with these elements we will be ready to be part of the eternal energy of God though the Initiation in Machu Picchu.”


From our fieldwork in Peru since 2005, here is the itinerary we have devised to maximise your mystical immersion:
The 15 days in total include 3 separate directions:
# 1. Sacred Valley (including Machu Picchu), 8 days
# 2. Apu Ausangate, 3 days.
# 3. Lake Titicaca, 4 days.



August 3rd: Airport – Hotel – Airport
Arrivals will more than likely be late in the day. We will transfer to our hotel in Lima to rest.


August 4th: Lima – Cusco – Ollantaytambo
We will take a morning flight from Lima to Cusco. On arrival in Cusco we will be taken straight to Sacred Valley and our hotel in Ollantaytambo, so we will avoid any immediate discomfort of the higher altitude of Cusco while we acclimatise. Ollantaytambo is the last town on the Incan Trail before Machu Picchu and is centred around an exquisite Incan temple.
Our First Ceremony this evening will be a Lughnasadh Fire, coinciding with the harvest festival in Peru.
Sharing Traditions For Prayer Bundles

August 5th: Paucarbambo– Moray
We visit Paucarbambo where we will meet local farmers who are benefitting from food growing programmes. Ten percent of our trip costs go towards the Path of the Heart Charity and today is a great opportunity to come into community with the local people.
Afterwards, we will visit Moray, the site of the most reknowned Incan circular terraces. This is a place where ceremony and the energies of the stars meet to bring forward new life.


In Ceremony With Q'ero Pacos (Shamans)

August 6th: Pisac
After breakfast we’ll go to the sacred mountain and temple of Pisac, a place of the Condor and the Eagle. We will meditate to connect with the Incan Ancestors and go to the sacred well to cleanse for tomorrow’s journey to Machu Picchu. We will walk to the Pisac market, the most famous Andean market of the world. An abundance of weavings, precious stones and sacred treasures await us there.

Meditation To The Ancestors, Pisac

The Ceremony for this evening will be a tutoring in the making of the pago (despacho), the Peruvian equivalent of our native burla ghuí (prayer bundle). We will make one to bring forward blessings for our individual and collective pilgrimage to Machu Picchu.
August 7th: Aguas Calientes-Machu Picchu
After breakfast we will partake in the traditional wind ceremony at the top of the temple in Ollantaytambo. Afterwards, we board our train taking us along the route of the Incan Trail to Aguas Calientes, the town that provides accommodation for the ascent to Machu Picchu . In the evening we can relax in the warm waters of the natural hot springs and wander the market of this unique mountainous post.


August 8th: Machu Picchu-Cusco
At 5am we will take the rising road of hairpin bends through the clouds to the “City Of Light”, the citadel of Machu Picchu. At a special site within the east walls facing Putukusi, the mountain that is 70% crystal, we will enter ceremony to greet the sun. Machu Picchu is truly understood at dawn when Father Sun, to which the creation of this sacred city was dedicated, meets the architecture of initiation chambers and shrines to the Spirits. One of the interpretations of becoming “Inca” is to become through our Spiritual development, a “son/daughter of the Sun”, a luminous warrior who casts no shadow. Afterwards, we will have copious free time to explore and immerse into this mysterious site hidden for over 500 years and a UNESCO declared wonder of the world. John and Karen will recommend traditional personal ritual for visitors to Machu Picchu.

Approaching Machu Picchu & Sunrise Ceremony In The City With Hermano Jésús

In early evening, we will descend and make our train and bus journey to the capital of the Incan Empire, Cusco.


August 9th: Saqsayhuaman
The ancient Incan capital was founded by the Incan Ancestors by tracking “huacas” (high energy portals) and it was discovered that the outline of their multiplicity led like spokes of a wheel to a central location. At this location, the gold city of Cusco (meaning “navel”) was established. After a restful morning following the long previous day, we will travel to Sacsayhuaman, the great site of ceremony and ritual on the hills above the buildings of the city. Cusco was built in the shape of the puma, an intrinsic archetype in the Incan culture and forming the head of the puma is Sacsayhuaman. It is a vast site of many impressive naturally occurring stone temples. The June 21st solstice sees the great Inti Raymi festival still take place here, in continuation of the original Incan festival of the sun. We will picnic here after exploration and ceremony with Q’ero Altomasyok shaman Puma Quispe, an internationally renowned English speaking shaman who carries his lineage with love and articulate wisdom. From early evening, we are free to explore central Cusco, its many small winding streets, a delight for the curious.


August 10th: Qoricancha
After breakfast, we visit the site of the primary Incan temple of the capital, Qoricancha, the original Temple Of The Sun. Despite a monastery built on the same campus, the preserved Incan architecture makes very accessible the absorption of energies that called the Inca to worship, read and work with natural phenomena of earth and sky as the way to Spiritual oneness. Our late afternoon and evening is free to wander markets, shops, restaurants and other museums. John and Karen will lead those interested to the market for shamans which is off the tourist trail and a genuine exposure to indigenous Indian life in Cusco.

Prayer To The Sun, Machu Picchu Temple


August 11th: Pacchanta – Blue Lagoon
We’ll travel by bus rising eastwards from Cusco with our tents and sleeping bags for the Apu Ausangate on the mountainous Trans-Pacific Highway a journey not frequently taken by visitors. We’ll witness a Peru less touched by tourism as we pass through the trading town of Ocangate and then head for Pacchanta at the foothills of Ausangate. Leaving our bus, we’ll trek along the river of melting water that flows from the mountain’s glacier. As we walk slowly in the altitude chewing coca leaves, the awesome beauty of this mountain and its powerful energy help bring us to the Blue Lagoon. Our mules will carry all but our personal day packs. At the lagoon, we will build camp at over 12,000 feet above sea level, eat and at our fire, partake in a cleansing ceremony and another to honour the Apu in preparation for tomorrow’s initiation.

Trekking Apu (Sacred Mountain) Ausangate Where Modesto, our Q'ero Paco Awaits Us


August 12th: Jaguar Lagoons
Today we’ll be in direct contact with the mountain and lake energy that is intrinsic to Q’ero shamanism. We’ll visit the blue waters of the renowned male and female Jaguar Lagoons. Here, under skies of the condor and eagle, we will traditionally enact divination to ask which lagoon is “open” to our ceremony. In the path of the Q’ero shaman, coming to these waters is an intrinsic part of initiation, beginning with despachos to come into “ayni” (a grateful, reciprocal relationship) with this great mountain. Ausangate is one of the permanently snow topped peaks that are energetic pillars that sustain the power of healing and wisdom tradition of the Q’ero. Q’ero were the revered High Mountain shamans sought out for consultation by the Inca Elders. Today is our privilege to walk in their healing footsteps. While not obligatory, physical immersion in the chilly water of the lagoon is a traditional aspect of initiation. In 2009, we brought high regard from the Q’ero when almost every member of our group accepted the tradition to plunge into the lagoon

Initiation Ceremonies At The Jaguar Lagoon, Apu Ausangate


August 13th: Pacchanta Hot Springs
For those called, there will be a predawn climb of the large scree stones along the glacier river beside our camp. The experience of being in quiet personal ceremony as the rising sun breaks over the peak of sister mountain Waynagate to slowly illuminate the glacier of Ausangate is a nourishment not forgotten. After breakfast, we decamp and descend by a different path to two days ago. This leads to the natural hot springs that are uplifting after the trek. There is something of a gift and gratitude from the mountain that we should bathe in warmth and relaxation as we say farewell. We will arrive back in Cusco in the evening


Flute Music during Ceremony to Celebrate Sunrise on Apu Ausangate


August 14th: Cusco Free Day
To allow tired muscles recover and restoration of our energies before our journey south tomorrow to Lake Titicaca, we have a full free day in Cusco. Many will choose to sleep late and enjoy a leisurely breakfast. There is an opportunity to attend to laundry, seek a massage and a favourite of ours, simply getting lost and discovering markets and shops that make your senses dance. John and Karen will offer to add to your choices such as visiting the museum of indigenous weaving, finding a huaca nearby or where to go for the best chocolada caliente (hot chocolate) in town.


August 15th: Cusco-Puno Road
After early breakfast, we depart south by bus to the city of Puno on the shore of the highest sea in the world, Lake Titicaca. This takes us to the land of the Aymara people and the soothing energies of this stunning blue sea. During the trip, we pass by the lovely Wacarpay Lake, offering spectacular views of the mountains reflected in its calm waters. On the way, we stop in Raqchi, where we can see a spectacular Inca Sanctuary built by the Inca Pachacutec, and dedicated to the great Inca God of Wiracocha. About 70 km further on, we pass through La Raya Ranch where we can see herds of vicuñas and llamas. Then we travel along the High Plateau of Collao, stopping at the Town of Ayaviri, an important livestock and textile centre, to visit the impressive Temple of Calasaya, ruins from the ancient Pucara Culture and known as the “temple of the aliens” a reference to the high degree of extra terresterial connection through the ages in Peru. Buffet lunch in a quiet countryside restaurant, where we can enjoy the delightful culinary art of the region. In late afternoon, after arrival in Puno, we’ll settle into our hotel.


August 16th: Doorway Of Amara Muru
Today we walk with Jorge Luis Delgado, author of the bestseller “Andean Awakening”. In 2009, we forged a warm friendship with this wonderful “chacaruna”, ( a “bridgeman”, between worlds and cultures). Jorge Luis comes from a family of healers and he regularly leads international gatherings in his homeland. He is a passionate keeper of sacred sites and researcher of energy portals in their key relationship with 2012 prophecies. To be led by him to a site synonymous with his name, The Doorway Of Amaru Muru is a rare privilege.

In Ceremony Led By Jorge Luis Delgado & Prayer At The Doorway Of Amara Muru

Our ceremony and personal ritual at this site is a exquisite immersion into the very different energies of the lake and surrounding lands compared with the mountainous Sacred Valley. Lake Titicaca is revered as the birthplace of Incan civilisation, with the archetypal Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo rising from the sea having been placed there by celestial energies. This is not unlike a blend of our own mythologies of the Tuatha De Danann, Fionntain MacBóchna and Cesair.

Later in the day, we have the option of visiting a sacred site directly across the road from our hotel, The Temple Of Manhood. In all of our visits to sacred sites worldwide we have never encountered such an unfettered glorification of male prowess and fertility. A site that reclaims for us the Sacred Masculine, unequivocally.


August 17th: Islands Of Uros & Amantani
This morning we set sail from Puno to islands on the great lake, their people, cultures, their sacred sites and mysticism. Our first call is to the unique Floating "Islands" of the Uros. These ancient inhabitants of the lake, known as the Water Tribe, have built their own "islands" by periodically adding new layers of a type of reed unique to the area called "totora". Their homes and boats are also made from this material.

The Floating Uros Islands Where Womenfolk Traditionally Sing A Visitor's Arrival

We’ll experience some of the ancient traditions of the local people before we continue our motor boat trip to Amantani Island. This island is inhabited by Quechua-speaking natives still governed by their ancient traditions, whose main occupations are the production of ceramics and textiles. The positive energy of this Island is so powerful that it is known as the "Love Island". This beautiful island has two knolls, where the ancient people built two Temples in each knoll, one represents the feminine (Pachamama), the other one the male (Pachatata), and both represent the duality, the balance of the world. After an evening meal we will ascend to the Pachatata temple and journey with our drums facing the most beautiful sunset. We overnight at the house of a local islander to enjoy dinner in the hospitality of a typical Amantani home. The Gaeltacht, Peru style!!

Sunset Over Lake Titicaca and The Irish Wearing Traditional Amantani Dress For An Evening Of Dancing


August 18th: Taquile Island-Puno
The people of Amantani pride themselves on their hospitality and they will stay with us until they wave us farewell when board our boat for the island of Taquile. We will gently trek across Taquile, stopping to make the traditional prayer stone stack, known as an “apachetta”. There is a tradition of weaving on Taquile that produces apparel unseen anywhere else in Peru. The main town on the west side of the island showcases the island’s co-op which is a cornucopia of colourful and skillful traditional design. After our lunch, we continue our trek to the harbour for our last boat leg, taking us back to Puno. Before that, we have the option for the hardy among us. A plunge in the blue waters of the highest sea in the world and the birthing pool of Incan consciousness. Our final evening meal together will be one of celebration with one or two surprises that are part of the Slí An Chroí way!


August 19th
We leave for Juliaca Airport and take our flight to Lima and in the afternoon board our flights to our home countries, or you may wish to extend you stay in Peru privately from this date.


Investment Per Person, €2400.00 / US$3100.00, (based on double occupancy)

NB. Prices are based on dollar-euro exchange rate in October 2012, the above prices are subject to change if the exchange rate changes substantially by May 2013.


This includes:
- Flights Lima – Cusco, Juliaca – Lima including the taxes
- Hotels
- Breakfasts & Lunches
- Entrance tickets to all Sacred Sites
- All transportation
- Drinking Water
- Tent & Sleeping Bag Hire
- Fees for Guides & Pacos
- Ceremony supplies
- Fees to Airport Porters

Not included:
- Dinners (so you can take time away from the group if you wish.)
- Internationals flights
- International Travel Insurance (Mandatory)
- Departure Tax At Lima Airport
- Internal “Sheet Bag” for Sleeping Bag. (homemade or from camping shop)
- Tips/Gratuities (for Carlos & his brothers, the Pacos, after meals etc.)


Important Information – Please Read Carefully

International Flights:
The easiest and fastest way is Dublin-Lima, via Amsterdam with KLM. This flight is currently priced as round €800-900. As August is high season, expect an increase on this amount. There are other routes which are cheaper, but more time consuming, travelling via North America. Based on initial bookings, John and Karen will attempt to block book seats with an airline, if this reduces cost. If this is not possible or it transpires that the those booking wish to arrive at differing times, you will be expected to source and book your own travel from Dublin – Lima – Dublin. Those booking from other countries are asked to book their flight to Lima themselves.
Internal Flights:
While your internal flights in Peru are covered by trip fees, please note that there is a 20KG/person weight limit on check-in luggage on these flights. If your bag(s) weigh more, you will personally bear the excess baggage weight fee.

Minimum Numbers:
The estimated costs from Carlos are based on a minimum number of people choosing to travel on each of the 3 trips. If the minimum number (14), is not reached, the viability of the trip will be reviewed. Based on initial expressions of interest, John and Karen will know quickly if these numbers are reached. If they are not, we will return to Carlos and ask him for a second assessment. We will then notify those interested of the costs for a group less that 14 and field the responses of those who expressed initial interest. However, based on conversational expressions of interest, we are confident of attaining these numbers.
Deposit and Full Payment Dates:
50% Deposit Date: (before), Friday, May 31st, 2013.
Balance of Trip Amount: (before), Friday, July 12th, 2013.

When you have completed the attached Declaration Of Interest Form, we will inform you of the appropriate method of Deposit and Balance payment method.
While John and Karen will transfer funds to Carlos in Peru on your behalf, please understand that neither John nor Karen are operating as travel agents and that we are not legal representatives of Carlos in Ireland nor any other country. We are all taking this trip as individuals and Slí An Chroí are happy to offer initiative and organisational efforts on your behalf. 10% of the monies Carlos makes after costs have been met goes to his charitable organisation, “Path of The Heart” which runs the childrens orphanage. A small percentage of your trip fee(s) contributes towards the time John and Karen have applied to organising this journey, their facilitation, flights and their cooperative projects with the Q’ero Nation.

Travelling With Family And/Or Friends:
Family and friends are most welcome to travel and to participate fully in ceremonies. If you think family/friends will only want partial participation in the itinerary and ceremonies, please understand that Carlos cannot reduce the cost per person nor can he organise chaperones or guides for a separate itinerary to the one offered. Throughout each day there will be abundant free time and naturally, participation in all ceremonies is not obligatory. However, we would assume that family/friends are sympathetic to the motivation beneath these special trips and itineries. If you are considering bringing a child, please contact us and we will share with you considerations that come from our experience of having participants bring children on a trip such as this one.
Reductions for Children:
Age 2 – 7 years: 50% of full trip amount(s) payable,
Age 8 – 11 years: 70% of full trip amount(s) payable,
Age 11 years or over: 100% of trip amount(s) payable.

Standard Of Accomodation:
Generally all hotels are 2 or 3 star to keep cost to a minimum. Room sharing is the norm and some of these rooms will be en suite. On the Ausangate-Quiqo Trip, obviously we will camp in tents. Carlos and his brothers are experienced mountaineers and will have rented thermal sleeping bags and camping mattresses on our behalf.

Altitude & Fitness:
We will help those travelling prepare before departure and in Peru, for altitiude. Our intinerary does not bring us to high altitude immediately. The leg to Ausangate does bring us to higher altitude. However, lodging in Ollantaytambo is ideal preparation for embarking on the rest of the trip. The walking distances in Sacred Valley are not very lengthy and on some treks, there is even a bus option. However, to enjoy the experience, we advise you to raise the level of your walking fitness, if you are not already a walker. On Ausangate having a solid base of casual fitness is an advantage. However, there will be the option of riding a mule rather than walk at altitude. Camping at altitude requires a positive outlook, an acceptance of living closely with the elements and a sense of adventure, (the essence of shamanism!).

There is no visa required for entry to Peru.

While everyone understands the regret of a late cancellation, Carlos will have incurred costs from the end of May onwards. From the middle of July, his costs will increase substantially. Cancellations after those dates will mean a less than full return of Deposit and/or Balance. Carlos has a compassionate heart, but he will have to apply a percentage refund policy.

Orientation Day:
John and Karen will organise an Orientation Day to bring the travelling group together, share information, assist practical preparation and hold ceremony to strengthen the energetic foundation for the Immrama. (Carlos and shaman taking part have already done ceremony for our trip and all signs PachaMama has returned are very, very positive giving them great excitement and anticipation of our arrival and the medicine we carry.)

Declaration Of Interest Form (Download):
Please fill in the Declaration Of Interest Form as soon as you can and e mail it to us. The sooner we can see clearly the number of people interested the sooner we can inform Carlos and approach airline companies, etc.



New York 2012
Sacred Man III & Awakening The Feminine III:
Weekend Gatherings For Men & Women
October 26th - 28th


Once again, we have the great pleasure of bringing Sacred Man and Awakening The Feminine to upstate New York alongside our friends, hosts and co-facilitators David Seth Michaels and Ona Sachs. From their inaugural editions in 2010, they have become powerful initiatory retreats and vital annual touchstones for men and women in the Americas.


To view the PDF e-poster for Sacred Man 2012, click here.


To view the Word.doc e-poster for Awakening The Feminine 2012, click here



Pennsylvania 2012
An Irish Samhain Celebration:
Weekend Gathering For Men & Women
November 2nd - 4th


We have the unique privilige of being invited by our dear friends, hosts and co-facilitators Lisa and Karl Weikel to bring a traditional Irish Samhain Celebration to a foreign country for the first time. This will be a cherished opportunity to bring the wild, festive and prayerful honouring of our Ancestors, Na Sí and of our personal shadow natures to the shores of the US


To view the PDF e-poster for Samhain Celebration 2012, click here.





International Gatherings 2011


Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA: Fri.Sept.30th - Sun.Oct.2nd


"Irish-Celtic Gathering To Nourish Your Soul", click here to view the e-poster.



Spencertown, Columbia State, New York, USA: Fri.Oct.7th - Sun.Oct.9th


"Sacred Man 2" (Mens Gathering), click here to view the e-poster.


"Awakening The Sacred Feminine 2" (Womens Gathering), click here to view the e-poster.






The Schoolhouse on Ballyoncree and The Winter Solstice 2010 Tuatha


Hosted by our dear friends, shamanic practitioners and renowned animal healers, Andrew Einspruch and Billie Dean and their daughter Tamsin in Braidwood, Canberra - Winter Solstice 3 Day Gathering on their farm/animal sanctuary, Ballyoncree, followed by 3 Day Advanced Gathering (for poster to this event, click here).


The last pieces of our Spiral are laid and a fire in the Fulacht Fia for the Faerie Rites


We spoke to the audience after a screening in Braidwood of Billie and Andrew's film, "2012-This Sacred Earth" in which we appear, ( - In the cities of Canberra and Melbourne, we offered an evening gathering in the Irish-Celtic tradition - In Sydney, we finished our month's adventure by offering a 2 Day Gathering.


The cosy Schoolhouse for warm sharing and preparation for ceremony and ritual outdoors.


Between engagements in Melbourne and Sydney, we realised a longheld ambition of connecting with the "red centre" of Australia, particularly the deeply sacred Uluru - Days of walking, ceremony and ritual, learning the "dreamings" of Uluru - We were invited to sit and share medicine ways with Elders of the Anangu People.


Our cherished fieldtrip to Uluru and sitting with Anangu Elders, brothers Reggie and Cassidy










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